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Once you have tried Aloha Farms’ 100% Premium Kona coffee, you will understand why coffee grown in the Kona region is among the world’s most sought-after coffee.

100% Kona Coffee WHOLE BEAN

Our Best selling coffee, in whole beans. Comes in three sizes – 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz kraft bags.

From $21.95

40% KONA "HAPA" Blend Coffee - Medium Roasted

A unique combination of 40% of our award-winning Kona coffee beans & 60% of other Hawaiian grown coffees.


Aloha Farms Hawaii Coffee to Go Pouch

Ready to Go Coffee Pouch

Enjoy some 100% Kona coffee wherever you go! Simply add hot water and pour yourself a nice cup.

$17.50 – 24.75

Raw Honey infused with Island-Grown ingredients

Our bees are organically managed as they forage on the lush tropical blossoms of Hawaii to produce the purest, most natural honey with a fragrantly floral aromas flavor profiles unique to Hawaii.



Big bottle of honey bear

Honey Bear Pure Raw Natural Hawaiian Honey

Each Bear is 16 oz.,  and filled with 100% Raw Natural Hawaiian Ka’u Honey.


Raw Honey with Honeycomb


Natural Honey Box (3 Bears)

Three bears are definitely better than one. These mini bears of honey make a great gift to any honey lover including yourself!


Raw Honey with Macadamia Nuts


Volcanic Lava Salt

Direct from the unspoiled ocean waters of the Island of Moloka‘i, Aloha Farms Hawaii brings the world’s purest gourmet sea salts.

Molokai Coffee Volcanic Salt

9 oz. or 16 oz.
From $17.75 to $37.00

Black Lava Seat Salt in bag Aloha Farms Hawaii

Black Lava Volcanic Salt

9 oz. or 16 oz.
$15.50 to 22.75

Black Lava Seat Salt in bag Aloha Farms Hawaii

Maui Onion Sea Salt Seasoning

9 oz. or 16 oz.
$21.55 to $40.55

Macadamia Nuts

Aloha Farms Hawaii Macadamia Nuts (Protoeaceae) are grown exclusively 100% on the Big Island of Hawaii. Grown in rich volcanic soil under ideal conditions, we produce a nut with outstanding sweetness, flavor and a taste as close as possible to the nut right out of the shell.

Macadamia Nuts Salted or Unsalted

Buttery, nutty, utterly delicious. Unsalted.

Health & Beauty Products

Avoid harmful ingredients and you’re likely to notice your skin improving, with a reduction in redness, irritation or breakouts, as well as fewer lines and wrinkles. Our Hawaiian-made, natural products lead to feeling well from the inside out, and your body is sure to reflect that!

Hawaiian Natural Coffee Soap


Gift Boxes that Spread the Aloha 

Spread the Aloha by sending our best to your closest and dearest. Please order early during holiday seasons. These gift boxes go quickly!

Ono Gift Box five salts from Aloha Farms Hawaii

Ono Gift Box

(5) 9 oz. Salt Bottles


Air Gift Box Aloha Farms Hawaii

Air Coffee Gift Box

100% KONA Medium – 2 Whole Bean 4 oz. bags


Aloha Farms Hawaii Aina Gift Box

Aina Gift Box

100% KONA Medium – One Whole bean 16 oz. bag


Kope Gift Box

(2) 8 oz. 100% Kona Coffee. (1) 8 oz. 40% Kona HAPA bags


Mini Ono Gift Box of Salts Aloha Farms Hawaii

Mini Ono Gift Box

(3) 9 oz. Salt Bottles


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