Organic and Ethically Sourced

We take great care and pride in all that we grow and nurture in our nursery, where everything begins.

Scion Top + Arabica + Liberian + Robusta + African Root

Aloha farms operates its own nursery and has been supplying our Co-op members coffee trees that have been growing and grafting for the last 45 years. This way we can with all certainty ensure that for years to come we will have the coffee trees that are needed.

What we grow & graft:

  • Kona Typica
  • SL 28 to SL 34
  • K7
  • Progeny 502
  • Graphing: Scion Top + Arabica + Liberian + Robusta+ African Root

We grow and graft everything from start to end right here in our nursery

From fertilizer to soil to full-grown plants, it all starts here. Natural, organic, pesticide-free.