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Our History

Aloha Farms Hawaii was founded in 2009 as a coffee roaster for other Kona coffee growers. It remains family run and operated, and the family farms co-op represents 33 independent farmers, growing and selling 100% Hawaiian products.

Most of our coffee is grown above 2,200 feet in a climate and rich volcanic soil that favors specialty Arabica coffee trees. In 2019, Aloha Farms accounted for over 1/4 of all kona green coffee processed in Hawaii. Kona coffee is one of the most recognized and expensive coffees in the world.


Sustainable, Conservation-forward farming practices

First and foremost, we are farmers and stewards of the land, taking great pride in providing artisanal island-made Hawaiian products, including award-winning Kona coffee, organic macadamia nuts, pure volcanic sea salts and tropical, raw honeybee products. Sustainable, conservation-forward farming practices are followed to grow and produce our uniquely Hawaiian product lines. Traceability and quality are driving principles that ensure consistent taste profiles and product integrity.

Our Farms

We’re located on the Mount Hualalai portion of the Big Island of Hawaii. All of our farms are located under the tropical terrain of the active Mount Hualalai/Mauna Loa volcano, where our coffee fields thrive. Natural and organic, the rich volcanic soil allows us to harvest the rarest and finest award-winning Kona coffee in perfect growing conditions.

Services & Products We Offer

Coffee Roasting

We grow, we roast, we package and we ship anywhere.


We offer completely individual and flexible packaging solutions. 

Sea salt from the island of Moloka'i

Direct from the Moloka‘i island ocean waters, Aloha Farms Hawaii brings the world’s purest gourmet Volcanic sea salts. 

The World's Purest Honey - buy in bulk!

You won’t find a tastier, healthier, purer honey than ours. Get it in small or barrel-sized amounts.

Sharwil Avocados grown in Hawaii

Our USDA certified Avocado fruit are medium to large sized pear-shaped with a small seed. We produce up to 6,000 lbs per month. 

Macadamia Nuts grown in volcanic soil

Macadamia nuts that are so delicious and healthy and grown in the richest, organic, volcanic soil.

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Aloha Farms Team

The Aloha Farms Hawaii Team

We work hard, we play hard, and we love what we do. And nothing makes us happier than knowing how much our customers love our products.

Matthew Canaday

Matthew Canaday

Founder & Co-Owner

Michael LR

Michael LR


Charlie Nootbaar

Charlie Nootbaar

Executive Director / International Sales

Berry Peters

Berry Peters

Sales, Middle East

Leonardo Brancher de Veiga

Leonardo Brancher de Veiga

International Sales

Keanu Correa

Keanu Correa

Nehemia Canaday

Nehemia Canaday

Chief Beekeeper


The Hawaiian word ‘Aina’ describes our love and respect for the land here in Hawaii, and it is infused in every aspect of our products. We uphold the highest standards of ethics and product integrity. We promote sustainable farming practices and provide opportunities for our Hawaiian families and farms. We represent only premium Hawaiian products that are good for your health, good for our environment, and good for the planet. By choosing Aloha Farms, you are helping future specialty crop farming in Hawaii and the USA.

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