We mill for the largest Co-op of Kona Coffee Farmers, while serving major domestic & international clients

Aloha Farms mills over 1.2 million pounds of coffee cherry annually, using a fully automated processing facility which can grade to specification utilizing two integrated optical laser sorting machines.

Aloha Farms mills for the largest Co-op of Kona coffee farmers as well as providing pallets and containers of processed coffee for domestic and international clientele.

Aloha Farms is fully accredited and licensed by the State of Hawaii and has all its coffee inspected and certified by the Department of Agriculture, including phyto-sanitary inspections by the USDA for export sales.



How we work at the mill…

Shipping Green Coffee

We supply two sizes of Green Coffee bags
A. 50 lbs. / 22.67 Kg. Dimensions: 17” X 30”
B. 100 lbs. / 45.35 Kg. Dimensions: 38” X 23”