Roasted Coffee

Roasting services

From farms to wholesalers & retailers, we work with large clients to find the ideal roast profiles and coffees to suit their needs.

Our services cater to brands seeking custom;

⦁ Hawaiian Blended Coffees Available
⦁ Vetted and Cupped Quality
⦁ Fast Turn-around with only the Freshest Roasted Coffee
⦁ White/Private Labeling Available
⦁ Food Service Bulk Bags available in 5, 25 and 50-pound bags

With our custom coffee roasting and sources services, our goal is simply to make your coffees taste better under our care, and that it is one of the best coffees you’ve tasted before.

We can also do grinding services starting at 50 lbs., however, due to the large roaster that’s the smallest effective batch we can do.

Our in-house capacities range from consultation, sourcing, cupping evaluation, milling, grading, roasting, packaging, and labeling and localization services.

Normally if you have your bags designed with your company, just send them to us and we keep them in the warehouse till a fulfillment comes in, then we send them out with our bagged coffee & roast of your choice.


Aloha Farms Hawaii provides Hawaiian grown specialty coffees for the Food Service Industry for those that want to serve a gourmet coffee to compliment your menu’s delicious items. Roasted to order and delivered from our state-of-the-art roasting facility from the big island of Hawaii. Our food service Hawaiian coffee(s) is packaged in larger industrial sizes – 5 lb. and 25 lb. foil mylar gusseted valve bags.