Volcanic Sea Salt

Black Lava

Black Lava Sea Salt We use the highest quality premium activated coconut shell charcoal — an antitoxin and digestive aid — and bond it with white coral for an alluring smoky flavor. Ideal use for grilled meats, crusted fish and salad.

Red Alaea

Red Alaea Sea Salt Native Hawaiians revere red alaea volcanic clay for its legendary health benefits. Aloha Farms Hawaii is specially selected; we purify and bond it to white coral, creating a palette of flavor notes. It is ideal for fish, pork and vegetables.

Kiawe / Mesquite Smoked

Kiawe / Mesquite Smoked Volcanic Sea Salt This delightful salt is made with pure Hawaiian white sea salt that has been slowly smoked over Kiawe / Mesquite wood chips. The distinctively sweet and smoky flavor makes a tasty addition.

Bamboo Jade

Bamboo Jade Volcanic Sea Salt The Balsamic Sea Salt is infused with all natural organic balsamic vinegar to create a tart, somewhat spicy salt with a soft aroma. Ideal use for grilled meats and shellfish.

Direct from the Moloka‘i island ocean waters, Aloha Farms Hawaii brings the world’s purest gourmet Volcanic sea salts.  Ancient Hawaiians have been harvesting sea salts on this tiny island for centuries, as the Volcanic Sea salt (“pa’akai”) has always been considered sacred. Building on this tradition, Aloha Farms Hawaii has invested years of research and development to bring the ocean’s gift to everyone.  With no polluting industries or agriculture runoff, the waters of Moloka‘i are among the cleanest and pollutant-free in the world.  Our water is filtered to exceed FDA bottled-water standards. The purity of the sea salts comes from the solar seal evaporators that use a closed matrix of processing and production in a HAACP certified facility.

There is no shortcut to the ultimate sea salt and seasonings in quality and purity.

Recipient of the Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences —go with our ultra premium sea salts and experience the Aloha Farms Hawaii difference:

- We are the largest sea salt producer in Hawaii, and the only one able to produce ultra premium sea salts in commercial quantities.

- We produce 150,000 to 300,000 lbs. of premium sea salts per year, with the capacity to produce more than 500,000 lbs. per year.

- Enclosed 8 - Level Water Filtration System feeds the 600+ proprietary Solar Seal® evaporators. 

Seven Reasons to Choose Aloha Farms Hawaii

  • HAWAIIAN Made within a centuries-old tradition of sea-salt art, craft, and folklore.
  • HIGH TECH Aloha Farms proprietary processes blend and bond our salts at the molecular level.
  • HIGH VALUE A collection of true gourmet sea salts at budget-friendly prices.
  • PURE Made from freshly harvested Pacific Ocean salt and Molokai Soul of the Sea—nothing artificial.
  • MINERAL RICH Contains Aloha Farms HAwaii exclusive Ocean Essence®. Ocean Essence, the world’s most potent and complete trace-mineral elixir, is an integral part of our salt extracted from Molokai’s pristine ocean waters through our proprietary Solar SealTM process.
  • DELICIOUS, with a more complex flavor bouquet due to its more complete mineral spectrum.
  • UNIQUE No other specialty salt compares to Molokai’s Island’s combination of taste, mineral content, and intriguing varietals.